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Slightly Creased #2: The next chapter

I haven’t written much of anything on this blog in a lonnnngggg time. I had such ambitions for it when I first started out. All the topics I was going to cover, all the people I was going to inspire. Somehow it didn’t quite work out…


As New: My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises

In a word, wonderful. This is a beautiful book. The characters are all fantastically drawn – from the larger-than-life Granny, to the introverted and precocious Elsa. The author has a brilliant turn of phrase, and I found the book to be peppered with clever little descriptions and some quite poignant passages. The story is unfolded […]

As New: Us

This is the story of Douglas, a 50 something year old scientist, who attempts to salvage his marriage and his relationship with his teenage son on a trip around Europe looking at stuff in art galleries. Yes, I know, it sounds like the kind of book that would be filled with either: a) sentimental pap […]