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Top Ten Tuesday #7: Gone but not forgotten

… authors that I wish were still here and writing…


Bookworm #6: I don’t even know what NIMH is

The film version of this book came out in 1982. My brother (2 years older than me) must have seen it at a birthday party or something, because I can remember him being REALLY excited about it, and going on about it endlessly. I also remember being really jealous, since he made it sound like the best film EVER, and back then you had either had to save up for the video, or wait till it came on at Christmas. I’ve still never seen it.

As New: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

This was a nice easy read, and has a generally uplifting tone to it, so it left me feeling fairly positive. The characters are well drawn, and there is enough character development to keep you reading. I did feel that the plot was a little forced in places. There are eight charms on the bracelet […]

Bookworm #5: Montague the Magnificent!

I remember reading this when I was about 9. When I say, I remember reading it, I remember that I did read it, and that I enjoyed it. But I couldn’t remember a single thing about the plot until I picked it up again a couple of days ago.

Bookworm #2: Billy was blowing his trumpet

My Mum, true to her hoarding nature, has pretty much never gotten rid of any of our old children’s books. Every now and then, I have a rummage through them to pick out a couple that I think my boys would like. I was strangely excited when I came across this as it brought back so many memories, largely down to Helen Oxenbury’s brilliant illustrations.

As New: The Enchanted

This sounded like a really great book. One that was going to leave me breathless, astonished, and in a frenzy to recommend it to everyone I know. It promised to be profound, emotional, moving and to show death row from an entirely new perspective. But, alas, it was rather disappointing. Firstly, I felt as though […]