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Ex-Libris #1: Oceans and Peanut Butter

As I recently explained here, I am a big fan of book swapping. You give away something you don’t want, and (hopefully) gain something you do. Or at least you gain a new book to read. And only for the price of postage. Bargain! Here is a bit more about my most recent swap… Given: […]

Reading copy: Care of Wooden Floors

When I was about 17, I did a lot of babysitting. I was called up one day and asked to babysit for a couple who I’d never met before – they’d got my name from someone else, it was a last minute thing. So I went round – they had a very small but well-kept […]

As New: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

This was a nice easy read, and has a generally uplifting tone to it, so it left me feeling fairly positive. The characters are well drawn, and there is enough character development to keep you reading. I did feel that the plot was a little forced in places. There are eight charms on the bracelet […]

As New: Everyone Brave is Forgiven

Fantastic dialogue, beautiful descriptions and interesting characters. Thoroughly enjoyable. I usually find books about World War Two too grey and harrowing to really be called enjoyable. Everyone Brave is Forgiven was refreshing in its approach and I was surprised to find how much I really enjoyed a book with such bleak subject matter as the […]

As New: Astonish Me

I was given a free copy of this book to review and knew absolutely nothing about it before it arrived in the post. It is definitely not the sort of book I would choose. If I picked it up in the library or a bookshop, it would go straight back on the shelf. I was […]

As New: My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises

In a word, wonderful. This is a beautiful book. The characters are all fantastically drawn – from the larger-than-life Granny, to the introverted and precocious Elsa. The author has a brilliant turn of phrase, and I found the book to be peppered with clever little descriptions and some quite poignant passages. The story is unfolded […]

As New: The Enchanted

This sounded like a really great book. One that was going to leave me breathless, astonished, and in a frenzy to recommend it to everyone I know. It promised to be profound, emotional, moving and to show death row from an entirely new perspective. But, alas, it was rather disappointing. Firstly, I felt as though […]

As New: Us

This is the story of Douglas, a 50 something year old scientist, who attempts to salvage his marriage and his relationship with his teenage son on a trip around Europe looking at stuff in art galleries. Yes, I know, it sounds like the kind of book that would be filled with either: a) sentimental pap […]