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Slightly Creased #3: World Book Day

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think the idea of world book day is great. It is meant as a celebration of all things book, right across the globe. A feast of literature, and a day for us all to reflect on, enjoy, promote and shout about the wonder that is books and reading. As […]

Slightly Creased #2: The next chapter

I haven’t written much of anything on this blog in a lonnnngggg time. I had such ambitions for it when I first started out. All the topics I was going to cover, all the people I was going to inspire. Somehow it didn’t quite work out…

Slightly Creased #1: Fingerless Gloves

It is May on Sunday, and today in the UK, it is snowing. Snowing?! I got married in May (several years ago) and it was 30°!

Clearly I angered the weather gods last week