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As New: Britt-Marie Was Here

If you still haven’t read any Backman, please, take it from me, you should. The man is awesome. I may have only read two of his books so far, but they have both been thought provoking, clever, funny, stylish, moving and poetic. My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologies featured Britt-Marie as one of the […]

As New: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

This was a nice easy read, and has a generally uplifting tone to it, so it left me feeling fairly positive. The characters are well drawn, and there is enough character development to keep you reading. I did feel that the plot was a little forced in places. There are eight charms on the bracelet […]

As New: Everyone Brave is Forgiven

Fantastic dialogue, beautiful descriptions and interesting characters. Thoroughly enjoyable. I usually find books about World War Two too grey and harrowing to really be called enjoyable. Everyone Brave is Forgiven was refreshing in its approach and I was surprised to find how much I really enjoyed a book with such bleak subject matter as the […]

As New: Astonish Me

I was given a free copy of this book to review and knew absolutely nothing about it before it arrived in the post. It is definitely not the sort of book I would choose. If I picked it up in the library or a bookshop, it would go straight back on the shelf. I was […]

As New: My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises

In a word, wonderful. This is a beautiful book. The characters are all fantastically drawn – from the larger-than-life Granny, to the introverted and precocious Elsa. The author has a brilliant turn of phrase, and I found the book to be peppered with clever little descriptions and some quite poignant passages. The story is unfolded […]

As New: The Enchanted

This sounded like a really great book. One that was going to leave me breathless, astonished, and in a frenzy to recommend it to everyone I know. It promised to be profound, emotional, moving and to show death row from an entirely new perspective. But, alas, it was rather disappointing. Firstly, I felt as though […]

As New: Bad Bones

Not too great on characterisation, and the plot was a bit far fetched, but very pacey with lots of action to keep you reading. Quick and easy for younger adult readers. So, poor boy digs up ancient gold artefacts and gets hounded by demonic fallen priest from the 16th century. On the plus side, this […]

As New: Us

This is the story of Douglas, a 50 something year old scientist, who attempts to salvage his marriage and his relationship with his teenage son on a trip around Europe looking at stuff in art galleries. Yes, I know, it sounds like the kind of book that would be filled with either: a) sentimental pap […]