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As New: Britt-Marie Was Here

If you still haven’t read any Backman, please, take it from me, you should. The man is awesome. I may have only read two of his books so far, but they have both been thought provoking, clever, funny, stylish, moving and poetic. My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologies featured Britt-Marie as one of the […]

Top Ten Tuesday #7: Gone but not forgotten

… authors that I wish were still here and writing…

Collectible #2: Egrin and the Painted Wizard

I’ve yet to meet anyone (family excluded) who remembers this book. As I’ve mentioned before, my Mum has kept a lot (all?) our childhood books, and, since she’s in the process of moving house, I’ve been helping her clear them out (by nicking them for my boys). Some of them I have had no memory of at all. But this one is etched on my brain.

Top Ten Tuesday #6: Read in one…

I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday for a long while, and as usual I’m kind of late to the party, but I liked the sound of this one. Today, the folk at The Broke and the Bookish are asking for top ten books read in one sitting (or thereabouts), which immediately brought a few great books […]

Slightly Creased #3: World Book Day

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think the idea of world book day is great. It is meant as a celebration of all things book, right across the globe. A feast of literature, and a day for us all to reflect on, enjoy, promote and shout about the wonder that is books and reading. As […]

Bookworm #7: Back to silver linings

I wasn’t sure where to go next after my adventures with the Rats of Nimh. I didn’t want anything with more talking rodents, so a subject link was out, and since I wasn’t overly impressed with Nimh, I didn’t really want to stay with the same author.

Slightly Creased #2: The next chapter

I haven’t written much of anything on this blog in a lonnnngggg time. I had such ambitions for it when I first started out. All the topics I was going to cover, all the people I was going to inspire. Somehow it didn’t quite work out…

Ex-Libris #1: Oceans and Peanut Butter

As I recently explained here, I am a big fan of book swapping. You give away something you don’t want, and (hopefully) gain something you do. Or at least you gain a new book to read. And only for the price of postage. Bargain! Here is a bit more about my most recent swap… Given: […]

Top Ten Tuesday #5: Reasons to love…

It’s Top Ten Tuesday again (on Wednesday!) This week, the people at The Broke and the Bookish are asking for top ten reasons I love ???, so I have chosen reasons I love book swapping. It’s easy! I use the marvellous You list all the books you don’t want, and anyone (with an account) can request one. […]

Collectible #1: Phoebe and the Hot Water Bottles

Recently, I was glancing down the ABE list of the most searched for out of print books of 2015, when I discovered that at No.38 was an old old favourite of mine, Phoebe and the Hot Water Bottles. I LOVED Phoebe when I was little. Whether it was the bright, intricate drawings, or the idea […]