I love books. I was always the kid in the corner with her nose in a book, when everyone else was out building snowmen, or pond dipping, or whatever. Some of my fondest memories are of long hot summers, lolling around in the garden with a jug of something cold and a stack of unread books. I started this blog as an excuse to re-read some of those books and to find some new stuff. Win win.

I have next to no money for new books and often find myself wistfully wandering around bookshops, drooling over the stock and sighing about how long it will be until they hit the library shelves. Luckily, I also love secondhand bookshops. There is nothing better than emerging with an armful of books, having only spent a fiver.

So this blog is devoted to my love of books (especially the old, obsolete, overlooked and out of print) and to the art of getting hold of great books for very little.

Probably mostly this will be me wittering on about stuff that nobody else remembers or cares about. But if you do, please feel free to leave a comment or two.



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