Slightly Creased #3: World Book Day

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think the idea of world book day is great. It is meant as a celebration of all things book, right across the globe. A feast of literature, and a day for us all to reflect on, enjoy, promote and shout about the wonder that is books and reading. As a bonefide book lover, I can’t possibly say that World Book Day should not be embraced.

As a mother of two, I really hate World Book Day. Instead of the focus being, as it should be, the encouragement of reading and enjoying books, the focus seems now to be flailing around at the last minute trying to find something for your children to wear to school. And the older they get, the less able you are to stick them in whatever generic outfit they happen to have crumpled at the bottom of the dressing up box. No, they start having very specific ideas about what they want to wear, and you are then forced to try and create said outfit, on a shoestring, without putting your child in something:

a) ridiculous
b) likely to melt in the rain or blow away any moment
c) that they will freeze to death in at playtime, or worst of all,
d) that no one recognises.

The absolute worst thing about the whole debacle is having to look at photos online of all the elaborate costumes of obscure characters that over zealous mothers have spent hours sewing. Which makes your safety pinned, cardboard cutout, charity shop creation look like it was dragged from the bottom of the broom cupboard and stapled to your kids pyjamas. Because it more than likely was, at 3am last night.


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