As New: Everyone Brave is Forgiven

25814512Fantastic dialogue, beautiful descriptions and interesting characters. Thoroughly enjoyable. I usually find books about World War Two too grey and harrowing to really be called enjoyable. Everyone Brave is Forgiven was refreshing in its approach and I was surprised to find how much I really enjoyed a book with such bleak subject matter as the siege of Malta and the London Blitz. The descriptions are wonderful – they are poetic and beautiful, painting a very clear picture, and the author has a real talent for picking up on little details which make all the difference to a scene. Even better is the dialogue, which really sparkles and shows the spirit and humour which ordinary people hung on to in such dark times.

If you are looking for a book with larger than life characters, extreme acts of heroism, and full on action sequences, this probably isn’t for you. The characters here are fairly ordinary and their stories are ones we have all heard before. It is much more about their individual experiences and their small acts of bravery – both in facing enemy action and in facing their own demons and the prejudices that go beyond the war. I thoroughly recommend it.

Title: Everyone Brave is Forgiven
Author: Chris Cleve
Published: 2016
Source: Free review copy from Lovereading
Rating: 4 stars
Keep, return, swap or burn? Keep



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