As New: Bad Bones

9781847154545Not too great on characterisation, and the plot was a bit far fetched, but very pacey with lots of action to keep you reading. Quick and easy for younger adult readers.

So, poor boy digs up ancient gold artefacts and gets hounded by demonic fallen priest from the 16th century. On the plus side, this book was pretty pacey – didn’t waste too much time on setting the scene, it just got straight down to mortal peril. Lots of action, kept me reading, and I did quite enjoy it. However, characterisation was pretty non-existent. We don’t get to learn much about any of the characters, which meant you didn’t really care all about what happened to them. The bad guy was kind of unconvincing as well. He had pretty vague powers and motivations. And his name is Rafael, which just makes you think about tennis. Some parts of the plot were also very contrived. The main character’s would-be girlfriend just happens to know a priest who is not only an expert on the history of the church and has just the book on demonic fallen priests in his personal library, but is also ex-CSI? Really?

Not bad, but not great. Probably best for younger readers looking for a quick easy read.

Title: Bad Bones
Author: Graham Marks
Published: 2015
Source: Free review copy from Lovereading
Rating: 2 stars
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